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Master Barbecuer, mr. C

Get the story on ms. C's SOPPIN' GOOD BBQ SAUCE's master barbecuer, mr. C. Although, mr. and mrs. C now live in Bluffton, South Carolina, find out about the city in which mr. C grew up.

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Growing Up in St. Louis

Mr. C grew up in the inner city of St. Louis. As a youngster, he grew up doing what many youngsters did in his neighborhood: going to church on Sunday, attending school throughout the week, and shooting marbles, for keeps sometimes, despite having been told by his parents to never to do. He also participated in organized and unorganized sports, and he enjoyed biking with his friends. He did chores around the house, found new ways to earn money, as well as played stickball and checkers.


Summer and Spring Time Barbecue

A spring and summer holiday tradition in the neighborhood, and in St. Louis generally, was barbecuing. Mr. C's parents and relatives did not barbecue, as they never acquired the skill. When the aroma of burning charcoals permeated the neighborhood, mr. C's sense of smell was elevated many notches. Once the aroma seared his nostrils, he knew intuitively where to go to see who was doing the cooking. Having been taught never to ask for anything at anyone's home (he was never told he could not accept), he hoped and prayed that the cook would offer him some of the finished product. Sometimes the offer was made, and sometimes it was not. It was during these times that mr. C knew that when he became an adult, he would definitely learn how to barbecue.

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